Our History and Mission

The Bidebunuizle YouTube Channel was established in 2014, at a time when the Turkish government’s power over the Turkish media had begun to increase incrementally but steadily. Our goal was to inform those who followed us live on the channel of accurate news and opinion.

As the government’s pressure on the media has mounted in Turkey, Bidebunuizle’s followers have increased in tandem.

In 2019, our online newspaper Gazete Pencere and our radio show Radyo Karakutu joined our broadcasting family.

Our mission is to communicate truthful and as objectively truthful news as possible to our followers and our readers across all the platforms on which we broadcast. Democracy ensures the freedom to choose. The ability to choose well is indispensable. As a consequence, and particularly right now in Turkey, democracy’s survival independent journalism. The BBI group has a responsibility to the public and its ultimate aim is to communicate truthful news and opinion to the general public.